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Use AI to create quizzes & save time

Where AI Enhances Learning, Not Replaces It

How DUNNO works

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Choose Topic or Text for your quiz
Copy and paste a topic or any text to generate your quiz from
Generate the quiz
Dunno will do the AI magic for you
Quiz yourself alone or in a group
Launch a game and invite others
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Watch the demo

In this video, we demonstrate how to quickly create quizzes with DUNNO on any subject

DUNNO: fits any scenario

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For a deeper dive into education. Memorize new words, terms, and so much more

Quiz results

This aids in tracking student progress and adjusting the learning curriculum accordingly

More game modes

Quizzes, true or false, and many other modes help break up the study routine

Frequently asked questions

What is DUNNO?

DUNNO is an AI-powered quiz platform. It uses GPT-based models as the engine for generating quizzes and intellectual games. With DUNNO, you can quickly create your own quizzes based on any text, topic, or personal notes. After creating a quiz, you can either play alone or invite friends.

How can I join DUNNO?

You need to authenticate via email to start creating quizzes. 

How is the accuracy ensured when it comes to DUNNO quizzes?

Currently DUNNO uses the GPT-3.5 model for content generation. However, we're planning to switch to the GPT-4 model soon. However, while the AI-generated content tends to be accurate, the generative models are prone to error, so we advise you to double-check the factual information.

What should I do if I encounter problems?

At the moment, our main support channel is Discord. You can join it here or click on the icon in the lower right corner. You can also email us at 

How to create a quiz with ChatGPT?

We have developed a ChatGPT helper to help you create quizzes if you have access to the ChatGPT app. It’s simple:

Step 1: Insert a topic or any text for which you want to create a quiz into the helper.

Step 2: Copy the generated prompt into ChatGPT.

Step 3: Send the received answer with the quiz to the helper.

Step 4: Launch the game and invite others!

What's next for DUNNO?

The team sets ambitious goals for the future, including:

* Expansion of the range of topics and difficulty levels.

* Introduction of new game formats with GPT-based models as content generators, NPCs, and game arbitrators (in addition to the main quiz game mechanic).

* Allowing users to create and launch public and private rooms with custom games and content.

We are actively collecting feedback from our users to continue improving. If you want to help us become better, please join our Discord channel and let us know your feedback. Let's create our own community!

Is the DUNNO quiz generator free? 

At the current stage, the application is free, with each user getting three credits to generate quizzes. We plan to introduce paid plans with more credits and more features.

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